Challenging Learning & Growth Mindset

Rosedale Primary School has been involved in professional learning initiatives that support teachers and education support staff  to encourage and reassure learners that taking risks, asking questions, and trying new things can help them develop their abilities and deepen their understanding.


An ongoing focus for our school is on promoting Growth Mindset and Challenging Learning language and frameworks.


Growth Mindset and Challenging learning are not programs but a way of thinking and a set of strategies that enhance learning across all areas of the curriculum. The basic philosophy of Growth Mindset is that with practice and hard work we can improve. The Challenging Learning elements slip seamlessly into that philosophy employing high expectations, feedback, conferencing and goal setting, learning how the brain works and how to learn and stay focussed to name a few.


The success of these strategies have been seen in the way the students now talk about and take responsibility for their learning. 



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